sonopolis - CASA DA MUSICA. multi-faceted community performance. Porto beethoven in rochford - PHILHARMONIA creative orchestra - PHILHARMONIA, bedford. 20 piece mixed youth band tarraddidle - VIVA/POMEGRANATE THEATRE chesterfield. music theatre collaboration hertfordhire schools showcase - ROYAL ALBERT HALL. interactive concert install festival - SOUND AND MUSIC, Michael pisaro, radu malfatti, taku unami. ultra minimalism hounslow schools, mini beasts - ROYAL PHILHARMIONIC FESTIVAL. yr 1/2 school project clash - CBBC. 6 part tv show rpo in dublin - RPO. youth project creative orchestra - PHILHARMONIA, bristol. 40 piece mixed youth band band 1000 - LONDON INTERNATIONAL MUSIC SHOW / MUSIC FOR YOUTH, excel. 1000 piece scratch band special olympics - PHILHARMONIA, walker stadium, leicester. opening fanfare, special olympics carmen - BBCCO, watford collesium. family concert and side by side event. shorditch festival - RPO/HAGGERSTON GIRLS' SCHOOL/BIGGA BLOCA/TURKISH COMMUNITY national festival - MUSIC FOR YOUTH rapid - INTERNATIONAL MULTI ARTS RESIDENCY, turku, finland connected to music - ORCHESTRAS LIVE/RPO/VIVA/DERNGATE/NMPASS scores: fanfare - 2 brass bands and philharmonia brass (for special olympics) the bullfight - for orchestra and audience band 1000/this is your day - for many players of any instrument and voice training: the hague conservertoire gsmd rcm casa da musica, porto national concert hall, dublin

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