Leadership Drawing on over 15 years experience of building and leading teams of professional musicians in a wide range of challenging contexts, Tim demonstrates the variety of practical ways in which a group can rise above the level of a mere collection of individuals working together, to a dynamic, creative and inspirational team. Unlike the majority of dull and predictable talks on leadership, these sessions can involve participants in genuinely creative and practical group activities which, whilst being hugely entertaining, genuinely encourage individuals to assess their own skills and attributes in leadership and teamwork contexts. Tim’s extensive experience of working with large and extremely mixed ability groups of people underpins his philosophy on leadership and teamwork. Galvenising a team consisting of international standard classical musicians, together with arrogant young rock musicians, six-year old children, groups of homeless people offers some of the most acute challenges of leadership. To draw the best from every single participant to ensure that they feel like a valued and useful member of the team and to arrive at a performance that fully reflects that process demands an immense sensitivity and flexibility of approach. The experience garnered from many years working in such varied and challenging contexts has resulted in a wealth of skills and qualities that form the backbone to his approach to leadership and teamwork.

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Team Building Team building sessions offer a more creative, inspirational and holistic alternative to the traditional team building activities such as paintball and laser shooting! These sessions involve particpants in a day of music making and vocal, dramatic and dance-based creative work that enable people to work together in different and mixed teams in an informal and inspirationally creative environnment. The sessions involve everyone in a process of improvisation, creative group work and performance. Traditional roles of line management can become inverted as the most senior person, may in this case, become the least experienced!!! Order Zolpidem Tartrate These sessions are extremely lively, practical and creative and leave all teams with a greater sense of community and shared purpose. The sessions are ideal both for new teams, as well as for exisiting teams who need an inspirational burst of energy.

Sessions are tailored specifically to the organisation and can vary from a snappy 30 minute presentation to an intensive 6 hour creative workshop.

Testimonials “packed with good advice” “Tim managed to balance an engaging light-hearted approach with a focused and serious philosophy” “I had not expected to conduct my CEO in a group improvisation!” “Tim has a way of making genuinely clear and practicable, the techniques of leadership” “this was great fun” “I have learnt something about myself today”

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Previous Clients Previous clients Include financial organisations such as Egg and Capitol One and managment organisations such as the Derby City Partnership and the national Federation of Music Services. Buying Ambien Online Safe Buying Zolpidem Online Zolpidem Sleeping Tablets Buy Buy Ambien American Express Zolpidem Buy Online India