Children’s and Family Concerts noisy1.pngMost children’s concerts are “off the shelf” formulaic affairs, with programs consisting solely of unimaginative and obvious programs. The audience comes out remembering the presenter, rather than the musicians or the orchestra. Many presenters repeat the same concert, format, gags and tricks irrespective of the orchestra and venue for whom they work.
There are two things that make Tim’s concert’s really memorable and unique: 1. All the elements, the themes and repertoire are devised in partnership with the orchestra – through this, they draw on the strengths, repertoire and personalities of the orchestra. 2. The concerts are genuinely interactive. The audience sing, dance, chant, rap and clap. Tim draws on his 15 years experience of directing orchestral education workshops to make the concerts significantly more creative, imaginative, interactive and fun than is possible by the average presenter. The interactive work fully involves both the orchestra and the audience with specially prepared material based on the repertoire of the concert as a whole. Through the fun and excitement of the interactive work, the audience are drawn into a high quality and focused listening experience. The concerts are at once hilarious and lighthearted, but with a clear central focus on quality listening and performance. Through his revolutionary approach, Tim’s concert’s happily program the likes of the Can Can. William Tell and Harry Potter, alongside less obvious works by composers such as Ruutavara, Ligeti and Stravinsky. beach-11.jpg
What people have said: Tim’s children’s and family concerts have been described as “breathtakingly original” and “stunning”.

Tramadol 200Mg Online Children have said: “It was fun and interactive. It was also funny and I enjoyed it” Matilda, age 9
The concert was brilliant. The double bass players looked cool in their swimming caps. Tim had to keep telling the players to put their hats on but it was worth it. I have to say that the orchestra are the greatest and are dead groovy.” Becky, age 9
” The orchestra was amazing!” Cindi age 10 Parents have said: “We enjoyed one minute clapping and singing, the next sitting quietly listening”
“Good atmosphere, participation and choice of music – a splendid family outing.”
“It was sensational. I enjoyed the whole concert, especially the way the children were so involved” Teachers have said: “The entertaining presentation was an unexpected bonus” Headteacher, Woodside Primary School

Tramadol Online Germany Musicians have said: The many acolades he has received from musicians include:

“This is the ONLY children’s concert I have ever enjoyed performing” Bassoon Player, Manchester Camerata
“I never realised it was possible to have so much fun, this early in the morning!” Violin Player, English Sinfonia
“Its genius, it was unlike any other children’s concert I’ve played in…and I can tell you, I’ve played in a lot!” Trombone, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
“These are the best children’s concerts I’ve ever seen” Oboe Player, Britten Sinfonia Tramadol Rx Purchase What the press have said: Noisy Kids….is possibly the coolest event of the year, Chris Moran, Guardian Previous Concerts: noisy1.png ETs Magic Band. An concert telling the story of how the RPO was originally established by the alien ET and was initially made up of his alien friends. The music included Rossini’s William Tell Overture, Shostakovith’s Tea for Two, Da Falla’s Three Cornered Hat, the John Williams ET Theme and a brand new anthemic song for orchestra and audience: This is ETs Magic Band.

By Tramadol Online The Phantom of the Band: A halloween special following the story of a mysterious character that keeps trying to take over the orchestra as conductor. Everytime he appears, all hell breaks lose. The audience are the detectives trying to identify him.The music included: Harry Potter, The Gnome and Hut on Fowl’s Legs from Pictures at an exhibition, Lord of the Rings, and the central theme, Dance Macabre. The interaction was based around a new song, chant and dance for audience and orchestra based on Dance Macabre called Who is the Phantom of the Band, (does he have a limp or a hairy hand). The Tour of Europe: A musical and visual tour tracing a journey through Europe. Progress was plotted on a chart as audience members were invited to choose and draw on the projected screen, the mode of transport taking us from country to country. Music included examples from a dozon european countries (The tour included: England, Britten Cakes and Ale. Norway, Greig Dance of the mountain king’s Daughter. Romania, Bartok Romanian Dances. France, Offenbach The Can Can.) The Interactive work also included a travelling song based on the Can Can, and a mountain king’s daughter’s dance.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Tramadol Online Dinosaurs (and other creatures): A concert in which a rogue selection of dinosaurs and other creatures attempt to take over the musicians of the orchestra. Throughout the concert a musical and vocal battle ensued as the new musicians try to wrestle control of the music from the monsterous sounds of the invaders! The music included: Jurassic Park, Wallace and Grommit , Flight of the Bumblebee, and Bydlo. The audience take to role of creatures with their theme song We are the Creatures (we’d love ta meet ya!) John Henry’s Rockets: A chamber orchestra concert following the story of the american railway worker, John Henry, Stevenson’s Railway Rocket, and Mozart’s Mannheim Rockets! The program was based around Copland’s John Henry’s Railroad Ballad, and Mozart’s Rocket infused Symphony! Interactive Scores: I'm A Superstar