Tim studied with Jonathan Harvey at the University of Sussex and later with Peter Wiegold at the Guildhall School of Music and City University. His approach has always been one of collaboration and improvisation and his work invariably includes both these processes to a greater or lesser degree.
Much of his work is ephemeral in nature, documentation existing only in the form of video and audio recording as is work is so closely worked with the performers.

During the past 20 years Tim has produced work with a vast and eclectic range of musicians and ensembles. As well as commissions from orchestras including the Britten Sinfonia, BBC Concert Orchestra and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra he has written extensively for mixed ensembles of professionals, amateurs and children.

Works 05-07:

Concerto for Young Ensemble and Orchestra – Written in collaboration with young people from Great Yarmouth and members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Oct 07, 10′

Improvisation for Three Orchestras – Chamber Ensemble, Fulham Symphony Orchestra, Youth Orchestra of Hammersmith and Fulham (YOOHF). Jan 06


Three New Songs for the Carnival (Cyril the Squirrel, Polo and Sylvia, Sally the Hippo) – for chamber ensemble and children’s chorus. Feb 06


Lop, Lokk, og Linjar – for Bit 20, 150 young musicians, 200 children’s chorus. April 06


Bubbles in the Fountain – for Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Brentwood Philharmonic Orchestra, rock band and assorted young children. May 06


Work for Dhol and Orchestra - for Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Newham Academy String ensemble, Dhol Academy. Aug.06

Boyl Again - for Bit 20 and 200 children Nov. 06


Fanfare to Cloudgate: a project involving 25 beginner brass players, 25 college brass players, and brass players from the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Nov 06

Out with the Old, in with the News - 3 songs for chamber ensemble and childrens chorus Dec 06

With One Accord – for 30 Accordions, chamber ensemble and Bromley Youth Orchestra Jan 07

Beneath the Surface - for Nuance and large ensemble of young musicians. Nov 05

Still on the Shore - for Britten Sinfonia, beginner string ensemble, children’s chorus July 05

Dr Projector, songs for a super-villain – for chamber ensemble and children’s chorus. Nov 05

That Spring Thing – for Sinfonia Viva, large rock band, 60 beginner musicians, children’s chorus Jan 05